About Training

Education in training

The DMK-UK Ltd educational programme has been established to give therapists an advanced understanding of the skin and its anatomical and physiological functions. It has been designed for paramedical and skin corrective work. The courses have been broken into modules in order to build confidence and understanding of the treatments and products. The Foundation course (or Programme 1) is the entry level course. Once qualified the practitioner will be able to treat skin conditions such as Acne, Rosacea, Fine lines, Cuticle build-up, Comedones and Milia, Premature Ageing, Sun-damage and Skin Maintenance.


Once the practitioner has gained confidence in working at the Foundation level they are able to move on to the Advanced course where they will learn a number of advanced treatment techniques. Once qualified the practitioner will be able to treat skin conditions such as Anti-ageing (using deep penetration techniques), Problematic Acne, Scar Removal, Hyper-pigmentation (addressing Melasmas, Chloasmas and any type of hyper-pigmentation), Deep Skin Revision (using 6-Layer Peel), Lines around the Eyes or Mouth (using Liquid Laser) and Thickened Cuticle Build-up (using Prozyme).

DMK Skin training courses available:

  • DMK Skin Revision (Enzyme Foundation level)
  • DMK Alkaline Wash (Hair removal)
  • DMK Paramedical Skin treatments (Advanced level)
  • DMK Body Treatments (Advanced level)

The courses are run by the DMK-UK Ltd Director of Education, Susanne Williams, who trained in America with Dr. King, spending time with him and his medical team at one of the top plastic surgery clinics in Beverly Hills. Additionally, our trainers have been involved in the health and beauty industry for 20+ years.