Surviving Lockdown with Jessica Carrol, owner of DMK Clinic 4DBeauty

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Jessica Carrol

Interview with Jessica Carrol, owner of 4D Beauty, a DMK clinic in Dunstable.

What made you first interested in the DMK concept? 

The first thing that caught my attention when I came across DMK years ago, was all of the positive results they were getting and amazing reviews! Once I read up a little bit more about the DMK concept, I realised that this is exactly how I view skin and I believe the skin should be treated.

I love that the products are formulated to mimic the make up of the skin. There is always so much research going on behind the scenes at DMK, which is always so important and shows that they really want to achieve the best results possible for their customers.

I have found that DMK are like one big family and they have been such a big support to me growing my business.

Which DMK Home Prescriptive products have been your best-sellers / the most popular during lockdown?

During lockdown I would say that the DMK home enzyme kits are definitely a new favourite among my existing clients! It’s an amazing treat for people to look forward to and it’s so different to any face mask they could buy elsewhere! I find it’s a great option for clients who are missing their professional DMK treatments as it recreates a similar version of the enzyme masque they would have done in the clinic. I think this is the reason why a lot of new clients want to try it as well – it gives them a little taster of professional DMK treatments.

Has your client base grown during lockdown?

Definitely! I have found that more and more people are wanting to treat their skin during lockdown, mainly because they have the time free to do so! But also due to the fact most people are finding the lockdown incredibly stressful for many different reasons, which obviously has a negative impact on our skin health!

What would be your top tips for other DMK clinics during lockdown / how have you adapted your business model?

As I have not been able to work with clients in person, the amount free time I now have for online consultations has increased, therefore I can recommend skincare advice to new and existing clients via apps like zoom! It is a totally different way of working compared to what I am used to, but clients can still get very good results at home if they can commit to the skincare regimen that we are able to provide them with using DMK Home Prescriptives.

How have you sustained your sales of Home Prescriptives during lockdown?

I have tried to reinforce as much as possible the importance of using home prescriptive during this time. Especially as so many of my existing clients have come such a long way during their professional treatments, that I know they do not want to hinder any of the positive progress they have made so far! 

In regard to new clients, I try to explain the concept behind DMK and how their Home Prescriptives interact differently with the skin compared to drugstore products! In other words, clients will generally be getting a lot more for their money by investing in DMK products over drugstore brands (which often cost a lot more anyway)!

What have you found are the best ways to interact with your clients?

I try to show my face on social media as much as I can! It can be a bit daunting at first and you will probably feel a bit silly talking to the camera, but I honestly find I receive so much more interaction from my clients this way! I also try to send out regular emails and promotions and check up on my regular clients when I can! 

What key advice would you give to other clinics for social media?

Just try and post as much relevant information as you can! Always reinforce the positive messages that you want to get across! If you can portray your authentic self through social media and even talk about your own skin struggles, clients will find you much more relatable and approachable. Posting before and after photos of your own clients results has always proven to be really beneficial marketing strategy to me, as it catches the viewers’ attention right away!

Is there anything further we (DMK UK) could do/offer to DMK Clinics to help during this time or long term?

I love the promotional ideas on products and gift sets! It’s a really nice way to introduce clients to the products 😊