Samantha’s Story

I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you have done for me and my skin. Words can’t explain how grateful I am. It has been an absolute pleasure and I am so overwhelmed with my skins appearance. It is with the greatest and most sincere pleasure that I can honestly say, my 7 year battle with Acne has finally come to an end.

As a continual sufferer of Acne I can openly admit the detrimental effect that this condition had on my overall self-esteem. I was constantly battling with feelings of insecurity. No make-up was effective or strong enough to cover the ever-increasing irritated areas of skin. On occasions I would forgo going out in an attempt to avoid people seeing my skin at its worst. As much as I loved to swim, on many occasions I would opt for indoor activities as I knew swimming would ultimately lead to people seeing me without make up. After several trips to various dermatologists, a series of different medications, many of which caused more damage than good, countless beauty products, miracle diets and hormone tablets, the Acne would not subside and continued to rear its ugly head, naturally at the most inconvenient times.

After many more months of just ‘putting up’ with the condition I decided to go for a facial, in an attempt to reduce further complications, infection and scarring. Eventually I went for a DMK skin treatment where my results would speak for themselves. Upon arrival I was treated with exceptional customer service from skin technicians who weren’t trying to sell me ‘the latest technology treatments’ with ‘money back guarantees’. Instead I was presented with practitioners who were honest and we were able to openly discuss my situation, previous procedures and failed attempts at combating the Acne. DMK offered products and treatments that were not only treating the Acne, but also treating the cause of the Acne; an approach towards the condition that had clearly been overlooked for seven years. The DMK practitioners were committed to helping me achieve optimum results and it was through the weekly treatments as well as the home care products that I was able to achieve such extraordinary and successful results, within an alarmingly short period of time.

My results are amazing! Not only has the Acne disappeared but the scarring has been significantly reduced and is still continuing to clear. It is with my utmost confidence and faith that I would strongly recommend and encourage anyone who is suffering from Acne to try DMK.