Juliet’s Story

After 10 years of suffering from acne, at the age of 25 I desperately searched for different products and visited private clinics hoping to have smooth and beautiful skin.
My teenage days were sad and torturous, as GP’s, dermatologists, products from over the counter and private clinics all failed at clearing my skin.

One day I decided to do my own research for truly effective products and came across Danné (DMK). I didn’t have much confidence that they would work because I had been let down by so many other companies. However after reading their website I felt DMK could make a difference and so decided to visit skin clinic, BeauSynergy. They specialised in many different skin conditions, including acne, as well as using DMK treatments and products.

After three months of having DMK treatments and using the prescribed home products I thankfully saw a drastic improvement. It’s been 18 months now and I continue to use DMK products and have treatments once in a while to maintain my new skin.

The horrific Acne that had plagued me for so many years has disappeared and I’ve been left with clear and smooth skin without any bleaching. I am happier and more confident than I have ever been. I go out regularly now and never lock myself away like I used to do. I will never go back to having any other treatment or use any other product for my skin other than Danné’s DMK.