Jessika’s Story

A gradual and steady decline in my skin caused me to be one of the many victims “dying for clear skin”. Along with severe Acne distorting my physical appearance, it claimed my confidence, joy, self-esteem, and self-worth. At the age of 19, I hid from the world, wouldn’t leave the house and refused to look at my reflection. The Acne covered my entire face and neck, it was sore, red, raised and constantly bleeding. I would go to sleep and wake to find blood on my pillow.

In my desperation I paid £180 for an alleged cure; Roaccutane. It was my last chance, despite the poignant concern over the high suicidal side effects. But after being advised to watch the BBC documentary “Dying for Clear Skin” the day after my consultation, I discovered DMK-UK Ltd and Susanne Williams, which obliterated any desire to use Roaccutane.

The DMK skin treatments and home care products which work hand in hand, have changed my life and the daily regime that I implement in caring for my skin. As Danné himself has stated, no two Acne patient’s skin is the same, and I love that each patient’s treatment is personalised to their individual needs. I have seen a substantial difference in the quality and overall health of my skin. Without Danné and DMK-UK Ltd, I honestly don’t know where I’d be today, if living at all.

At the age of 20 I became extremely ill and was taken into hospital; the Acne came back with a vengeance and the progress my skin had previously made (going from having severe Acne to clear skin) was destroyed. Thankfully Susanne has stood by me and nursed my skin back to health. Everyday I’m enamoured by her drive and diligence to clear my skin.

I’m sure you’re all aware of the Walt Disney Classic ‘Cinderella’ and the pivotal moment she’s left alone without any hope; her fairy godmother appears and promises a greater tomorrow. Susanne has rightly earned the pseudo title; my Fairy Godmother. I’ll be forever in her debt.

Recently Susanne suggested I undergo the Face Remodelling Procedure and it has worked wonders. My skin is nearly back to where it used to be (pre-acne) and although I do still get spots, they are becoming fewer and fewer. The scars are disappearing and I can finally do something as simple as appreciate the true hue of my skin.

Last month I graduated from University with a 2:1 in Journalism and I am now stepping into the world of work. There are many wonderful things about this new journey but only two that truly stand out; the first is I no longer have to panic about how my skin will look the next day and literally fight myself in the mornings to step out the front door. The second, I can finally do something as simple as make plans to meet up with friends weeks in advance, without fear that the Acne will hold me back.

Both points are ridiculously simple but they are sadly the little joys that Acne can quickly steal from you. Thankfully for me, I am able to take this exciting next step in life with a new found confidence and a hope for what my future holds.