Charlie’s Story

Since having the DMK skin treatments my self-assurance has greatly improved. People tell me my skin looks better every day! If it wasn’t for the DMK treatments I don’t believe I’d be the confident person I am today! Prior to having any treatments I had suffered with Acne from the age of 13. I contacted my local GP and was prescribed various Antibiotics, creams, gels and washes over a lengthy period of time and only noticed small improvements, however this didn’t last long.

Nothing was having a positive effect and after using various prescription medications I finally opted for off-the-shelf products. They maintained my skin but didn’t improve it.

As I got older my skin declined dramatically and finally in 2012 decided to try an in-clinic treatment called iSClinical. After attending various consultations I was promised huge improvements. However, after several weeks there was still no change. Instead my skin became incredibly red, sensitive and the number of spots increased. I decided to stop using Qutis Clinical products and was left with more problems than I had started with.

My local GP she referred me to a dermatologist who prescribed the drug Roaccutane. After reading all the possibly detrimental side effects caused by Roaccutane I decided this was not a product I was willing to take. Whilst researching other private Acne treatments I stumbled across Will Rickard. He told me about his past experience with Acne and put me in contact with Susanne Williams at DMK-UK Ltd.

What is so amazing about the DMK skin treatment is that they cater for all skin types and are adjusted according to the severity of your Acne. During the course of treatments Susanne ensured she offered the most effective treatment possible to accommodate skin for each specific session.

Initially when starting the DMK treatment I was introduced to the Acu range. Once my skin became stronger and more responsive to the products I was introduced to the Alpha range. I usually use a combination of the Micro Peel and Acu Masque every three days to freshen up my face and remove any dead skin it revitalizes and strengthens my skin, clearing any spots.

Susanne has always had a passion for changing lives through improving peoples’ skin conditions. This was very clear to me when I first visited Susanne at her Harley Street Clinic. She made me feel very comfortable and confident in speaking to her about my skin condition. I had always found it hard to speak in depth about my Acne, however speaking to Susanne was a very pleasant and reassuring experience.

Throughout my time of having treatments with Susanne, I had the flexibility and reassurance to contact Susanne at any time to ask any question, which really helped and reassured me through the treatment process. At times my skin would get worse, due to factors such as stress, diet and product use, but speaking to Susanne reassured me that long term changes take time and do not happen overnight.

Susanne would always work at a pace which was suitable for my skin condition and that I was comfortable with. She always gave me advice on the products and treatments available, and would only carry out the essential treatments that I required and that I could afford. Susanne so much more than a skin practitioner, she is somebody who cares for others and improve lives by reinstating peoples’ confidence in themselves.