Jessica Carrol
Jessica Carrol – owner of DMK Clinic 4DBeauty
We spoke to Jess from DMK Clinic 4D Beauty in Dunstable about what drew her to DMK Skin Revision and how she is surviving, and thriving, during the Covid-19 UK Lockdown.”

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Jacqui – DMK Skin Clinic owner
“At almost 50 I’m told by so many that I don’t look my age. Before I started using DMK Skin treatments and products 9 years ago, I looked older then than I do now! People who know me say the same. Its all down to DMK! So happy that I found you guys and my clients are over the moon too, seeing amazing results in themselves!! DMK really does revise the skin and turn back time!!”


Will’s Story
I couldn’t be happier with my DMK skin treatments, they have changed my life completely. Being Acne-free makes a huge difference in my day-to-day life. I can socialise more easily with people and feel comfortable in close-up conversations. I used to distance myself from people when talking to them so they wouldn’t notice the horror that plastered my face.

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Jessika’s Story
A gradual and steady decline in my skin caused me to be one of the many victims “dying for clear skin”. Along with severe Acne distorting my physical appearance, it claimed my confidence, joy, self-esteem, and self-worth.
At the age of 19, I hid from the world, wouldn’t leave the house and refused to look at my reflection. The Acne covered my entire face and neck, it was sore, red, raised and constantly bleeding. I would go to sleep and awake to blood on my pillow.

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Charlie’s Story
Since having the DMK skin treatments my self-assurance has greatly improved. People tell me my skin looks better every day! If it wasn’t for the DMK treatments I don’t believe I’d be the confident person I am today! Prior to having any treatments I had suffered with Acne from the age of 13. I contacted my local GP and was prescribed various Antibiotics, creams, gels and washes over a lengthy period of time and only noticed small improvements, however this didn’t last long.

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Juliet’s Story
After 10 years of suffering from acne, at the age of 25 I desperately searched for different products and visited private clinics hoping to have smooth and beautiful skin.
My teenage days were sad and torturous, as GP’s, dermatologists, products from over the counter and private clinics all failed at clearing my skin.

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Samantha’s Story
I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you have done for me and my skin. Words can’t explain how grateful I am. It has been an absolute pleasure and I am so overwhelmed with my skins appearance. It is with the greatest and most sincere pleasure that I can honestly say, my 7 year battle with Acne has finally come to an end.

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Carolyn’s Story
I had never used any DMK products before when I started using TransGenesis crème. I used it twice again and immediately could feel the difference on my skin, by the time the cream had sunk into my skin it already felt firmer. The crème has a gorgeous smell and a really luxurious feeling. After two and a half weeks of using TransGenesis Crème there was such a difference in my skin that I decided to take my after photo. I had people coming up to me at work asking if I had, had Botox and commenting on how much younger I looked. I really couldn’t believe it; this really is a miracle crème.

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David’s Story
“I tried quite a few different things, one of the most painful and memorable, or two should I say: One, going to a plastic surgeon when I had a huge cyst on my face and he sliced it open. That was pretty unforgettable! The second was going to a dermatologist who put me onto Roaccutane. When I was finished he sent me to a skin specialist for skin revision and that was a very painful experience as well.”

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