Body Sculpting Creme

Body Sculpting Creme

DMK’s Body Sculpting crème is designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite whilst contouring, tightening and re-shaping loose skin on the body.

Thermogenesis, the production of heat through metabolic process, takes place in the upper epidermis and lower subcutaneous tissue. Its key function is to stimulate lymphatic circulation in the bloodstream, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the tissues and flushing out toxins.

Please note – For the best results, this Home Prescriptive product should be used in support of DMK Body Enzyme masque treatments in clinic. Not for use on diabetics or on pregnant women.

Available in 120ml size.

Please Note: DMK-UK Ltd do not authorise the sale of DMK products online. We recommend that you visit your nearest DMK clinic and have the appropriate DMK products prescribed specifically to suit your skin. The products displayed on our website are to show what products are available and are not for online sale.

If you wish to purchase these products please find your nearest clinic with the Danne Montague King clinic locator.

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