DMK At Home – Acne Management Kit

DMK Acne Management Kit

You can continue your DMK Acne treatments at home with our unique “At Home Acne Management Kit” special offer!

This means that you don’t need to miss out on skin treatments in between your DMK clinic visits …

Acne Management Kit

  • 1x Travel Size Deep Pore Pure Cleanser (60ml)
  • 1x Acu Masque (60ml)
  • 1x Herb & Mineral Mist (60ml)
  • 1x Acu Moist with SPF15
  • 1x DMK Headband

Includes a Home Prescriptives Leaflet & Acu System Leaflet

Contact your nearest DMK Clinic or call DMK UK on 0844 800 3668 to order yours.