DMK Acu Range

Danne Montague-King do not authorise the sale of DMK products online. We recommend that you visit your nearest DMK clinic and have the appropriate DMK products prescribed specifically to suit your skin. The products displayed on our website are to show what products are available and are not for online sale.

The DMK Acu-System has arrived!

Three years in the making, and the revolutionary new way of treating acne is finally here. Used in conjunction with DMK’s famous in-salon treatments, the new range consists of five new products. And the best news? All five products are 100% parabens, sulphate and most impressively, benzyl peroxide free!

Without these effective, yet harsh and drying ingredients, the new Acu-System won’t dry out your skin, yet it packs the same punch as the original DMK acne range. Clear skin is just five steps away.

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