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15th December 2015
DMK Skin – Building a world of confidence from the Outside In.
DMK is building a world of confidence through our unique Skin Revision concept, in over 25 countries worldwide.
We offer skin treatments for all ages, all skin conditions and all ethnicities.
DMK Enzyme treatments are unique. They stimulate the body’s own lymphatic systems to draw impurities from the skin and to digest dead cell material.
To find out about becoming a DMK Skin clinic call 0844 800 3668.

11th December 2015
Day 4 of “A Decade a Day” by DMK
Today is about “Skin in Your 50’s”
1) Skin appears thinner. Skin can lose up to 80% of thickness with age.
2) Natural oil production and skin cell turnover both slow down.
3) Pigmented spots increase, lines deepen and open pores become more apparent.
4) Skin decolouration occurs as a result of erratic melanocyte activity and from environmental damage.
5) Post menopausal skin can be subject to fine hair growth with age.

All DMK Skin treatments are bespoke to the client, depending on their skin condition.
Visit or call DMK Skin Co on 0844 800 3668

10th December 2015
Day 3 of “A Decade a Day” by DMK
Today is about “Skin in Your 40’s”
1) In your 40’s, Skin starts to “loosen” due to due to slowed fibroblast activity.
2) Lines around the mouth & eyes become deeper, lower eye lids get baggier and neck skin starts to sag.
3) Damaged protein accumulates in the skin, as a result of scars, sun damage & oxidative damage.
4) NOW is the time to pull out the big guns! A regular skin treatment programme, followed by home skin care routine is recommended.

All DMK Skin treatments are bespoke to the client, depending on their skin condition.
Visit or call DMK Skin Co on 0844 800 3668.

9th December 2015
Day 2 of “A Decade a Day” by DMK
Today is about “Skin in Your 30’s”
1) As life becomes busier, your skin can suffer from the effects of stress.
2) Fine lines around the eyes and mouth may start to appear.
3) Skin laxity (looseness) under the chin can appear.
4) Hormonal pigmentation may be caused by pregnancies.
5) Bad lifestyle choices from your 20’s may start to show in your skin (smoking, drinking, excess UV exposure).

DMK Skin treatments are all bespoke to each individual skin condition. Our famous Enzyme therapy will be used, giving clients the wonderful plasmatic effect.
Call DMK Skin Co on 0844 800 3668.

8th December 2015
Each day this week, we will post different DMK Skin Care Tips for each decade of your life from 20 – 60 years of age.
Starting today with “Skin in your 20’s”
1) Now is the time to establish a strong skin care regime & focus on a few core products. Develop the great habit of morning & night skin regimes.
2) Lifestyle has a huge effect on the condition of your skin over time. Excesses will soon catch up in the years to come …
3) Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause lifelong damage to your skin. Wear a daily SPF 15 and avoid the burning midday sun.
4) Collagen and elastin production starts to slow down in this decade.
5) DMK Skin treatments are bespoke to each individual skin condition. Our famous Enzyme therapy will be used, giving clients the wonderful plasmatic effect.

To find your nearest DMK Skin Clinic visit or call 0844 8003668.

26th November 2015
Let your eyes sparkle this Christmas!
Treat yourself or a loved one to the DMK “Super Eyez” festive gift set …. Now available in stock!
SAVE 40% off Retail price.
Includes DMK Super Serum, Eye Tone and Herb & Mineral Spray.
Super Eyez copy

25th November 2015
DMK Skin Co are now on Pinterest!
To see all of our latest skin treatments, products and real life testimonials of how DMK Skin achieves amazing results, check out our pinboards at:

23rd November 2015
Treat yourself or a loved one to a “Festive Lift” this season and save 30% off Retail with a gorgeous DMK Gift Set!
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Festive Lift

12th November 2015
Introducing the second of our fabulous festive offers this season ….
You can save 40% off the DMK Acu range of products with “Klear Skin” gift sets!
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Klear Skin

10th November 2015
The international DMK family was reunited at the “Face Facts” Medical aesthetic conference in Latvia on Sunday!
Susanne Williams, Director of Education at DMK Skin Co, was one of the world-renowned speakers from the industry, sharing the latest innovations and techniques.
“From Surface to Shape” was the theme of the conference, which covered Skin Revision and combining cosmeceuticals with surgery, including live demonstrations with Danné Montague-King himself.

6th November 2015
It’s here! The first of our DMK Festive Gift Sets has arrived …TransGenesis Amplified!
Treat yourself or a loved one to a gorgeous TransGenesis creme with a FREE DMK Cellerator tool this festive season.
Transgenesis Amplified

3rd November 2015
DMK Pro Alpha Peels provide an effective, yet gentle resurfacing procedure. Mild to Moderate Peels help to erase the signs of ageing by removing dead skin cells and promoting collagen production.
No trauma to the skin or long term convalescence is necessary.
Every DMK skin treatment is tailored to each individual, depending on their skin type and condition. No two people are the same, so no two treatments are the same.

20th October 2015
“It was an honour and a pleasure to be invited by DMK Ukraine to share our experiences at their round table event this month. The DMK global family is thriving.” Peter Williams, Managing Director of DMK Skin Co Ltd.

13th October 2015
See DMK’s Medi Pedi treatment in action … this photo was taken at our very popular Medi Pedi training course, which was fully booked yesterday!
DMK Medi Pedi treatments can remove corns, calluses, verrucas, cracked skin, dead hornified skin, anywhere on the feet and legs and much more – all without the use of rasps or blades!
The Medi Pedi procedure uses DMK’s Alkaline Wash treatments on the feet to treat these conditions painlessly and effectively. It gently dissolves away dry, hardened skin on the feet.
You can see and feel the results after just one session.
Medi Pedi treatments are very often successful, where podiatry or chiropody have previously failed to achieve the desired results.

2nd October 2015
Is your skin getting enough Vitamin C this winter?
Answer = DMK FibroMax C!
Vitamin C is known to perform wonders for our skin and there are plenty of reasons why.
Vitamin C aids the production of collagen in the skin, improving its texture and firmness, giving a more youthful, radiant look. It tones, tightens and brightens the skin, as well as reducing inflammation and inhibiting bacteria.
Great news! DMK’s FibroMax C is a potent stabilised form of Vitamin C. FibroMax C works like mesotherapy without a syringe.
This potent Vitamin C formula helps to prevent acne scarring and encourages healing.
FibroMax C can be used on areas of fine lines, pigmentation, eczema. It helps to brighten the skin and protects against UVB damage.
FibroMax C can be used by all DMK skin clients to help protect and maintain their skin.

17th September 2015
DMK Enzyme therapy in action …. During & After.
DMK Skin clients can actually feel their skin “pulsating” as the capillaries open up and bring oxygen to the surface of the skin. Amazing results every time.