Will’s Story

Watch Will’s story on “dying for clear skin”, as seen on BBC:

You can also view the full BBC Documentary, “Dying for Clear Skin” here on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgpYS33kMVc

Will’s Testimonial

I couldn’t be happier with the DMK treatment; it has changed my life completely. Being acne-free makes a huge difference in my day-to-day life talking to friends. I feel like I can socialise a lot more with people and I can feel comfortable in close-up conversations. Before I would distance myself from people when talking to them so they then maybe couldn’t notice the horror that plastered my face. Acne affected my learning, in school I wouldn’t have the confidence to even put my hand up and ask questions because I knew people would then judge me. I hoped that if I stayed quiet that I would be unnoticed. I was an extravert stuck in an introvert’s body. I had so much confidence before, but it had been caged up and the key thrown away and when you have acne that’s so severe, you feel like you’re never going to get that key back.
I feel that professionally my life had been hindered – how was I going to apply for a job, going to and interview lacking with confidence and worrying so much about how my skin looked? As well, I was missing out on my teen-years, these are important years – creating new friends, learning, having a good time and developing. Acne destroyed all of that. I stopped going out with friends, I was left-out of social events – parties, shopping, playing football or even just being at a friend’s house. I was practically bed-struck, I wouldn’t leave my room.

It did get to a point when I couldn’t even look my own mum or dad in the eye. This was soul destroying, not being able to channel your thoughts, your ideas, your problems and your deficits to the people who care so much about you and have always been there – through thick and thin. Those paths were broken, now. Who could I chat to? I’d spend most days on acne forums – this at times was the only catalyst for my problems and at times beneficial to know that I was not alone.

Since I started DMK back in May 2012, my family and I have been overwhelmed with the results – since treatment one, all the way to treatment ten, there was consistent results – with my skin and my life becoming ever-so better with each treatment, happier and happier, I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. My confidence improved and I became the person that I was supposed to be, that outgoing, euphoric and charismatic person that I really wanted to be. My life changed. I began going out more with friends, I basked in the glory of it really – living a normal life after being trapped in hell for so long.

DMK home products are very simple to use; cleanse, spray, a gel, moisturiser and sun cream – easy. It was actually faster than my old regime which took around 5 minutes, DMK takes less than 2 minutes. None of the home regime products are harsh on the skin and leave my skin feeling smooth but most importantly looking very fresh. At the start of the treatment I travelled to one of the DMK clinics on Harley Street London with Susanne Williams every 2 weeks for 4 months and then a top-up treatment every few months which I feel was beneficial. My treatments would last no more than 2 hours that is with treating the back, chest and face – only the face treatment would take less time.

I have written a more in-detail account of the treatment on my blog: http://dyingforclearskin.blogspot.co.uk/