Become a DMK Practitioner

Q. How do I find out more information on training with DMK?
A. Please send your full name, as well as your clinic name & address to our New Business Team at info@dmkuk.com and they will come back to you as soon as possible.

Find a DMK Clinic

Q. How do I find my nearest DMK Clinic for a consultation?
A. Go to the DMK UK Clinic Locator or email us at info@dmkuk.com.


Q. I have congestion all over my face, some are cystic. Would the professional treatments make me break out more?
A. This will depend on what your prescribed treatment involves. If you have a lot of underlying congestion, the only way for the matter within the pores to be removed is through the pores of the skin. The longer it resides there, the more damage that is likely to occur, e.g. Scarring and trauma induced pigmented spots, due to prolonged inflammation. It is quite possible to break out during your treatments, but with time this will subside and an ongoing maintenance program will ensure long term results. I would advise that you wear a make up that has a mineral base with no oils and talc, so not to acerbate the condition.

Q. I’m 35 but I’m still breaking out like a teenager, how can I get rid of it?
A. The presence of acne later in life is a growing concern among adults. Stress and lifestyle are believed to be some of the contributing factors to the rise in the prevalence of this condition. Danné has a treatment program that is beneficial in the treatment of acne. This program consists of both professional treatments and home prescriptives.

Your technician will be able to recommend the best advice and provide the solution that aids in topically and internally improving your skin condition.

Age Management

Q. I have fine lines around my lip area from smoking. Do you have any treatment that will reduce the appearance of this condition?
A. Fine lines in the peri-oral area can be treated with a series of professional treatments, to be used in conjunction with the appropriate home prescriptives. Alkaline wash swells, softens and dissolves. By softening the dead cells we have the ability to gently revise the area. The skin will be smoother, and you will have the appearance of a more youthful complexion.

Q. I’ve got these wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes. I never used to have them until the last few weeks. I don’t like wearing sunblock because I like to get a tan. How can I erase these wrinkles?
A. Firstly, it is important to wear sunblock EVERY DAY, as for the most part it is the best anti-aging tool one has. To revise fine lines and wrinkles resurfacing treatments are needed. During this the skin may become photosensitive and therefore it is imperative to wear sun block.

Wrinkles are more visible and fine lines can occur due to a build up of dead cell material. Removing these dead keratinised cells that sit on the surface of the skin is the first step in revising this condition. Your home prescriptives will aid in this removal. The removal of wrinkles is quite difficult as they are commonly brought about by small muscle contractions through expression. These wrinkles cannot be removed unless the muscle is paralysed. Though, if these wrinkles are present on the face whilst relaxed then by resurfacing the skin and improving the structural integrity of the skin so it is in optimal condition allows the skin to bounce back into place.

A common advanced resurfacing tool that will resurface through the upper epidermal tissue whilst improving the structural integrity of the skin is the Pro Alpha Six Layer Peel . This treatment has the ability to revise fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Smoothing the skin and stimulating collagen and elastin to improve the structural integrity of the skin, hence the condition of the skin so it will bounce back into place.

Hair Removal/ Ingrown Hairs/ Folliculitis

Q. I have to shave every day, but I get terrible spots and it leaves my skin feeling sensitive. Do you have any products or treatments that can help with this?
A. Alkaline wash is a great resurfacing tool and can also be used for hair removal. The solution sits on the skin and dissolves the hair gently, without causing any pain or irritation to the skin. The long term benefit of alkaline wash treatment is that hair growth will reduce after a session of treatments.


Q. I have freckles – do you have any treatment that can get rid of them?
A. We have many forms of professional removal systems that help to reduce pigmented cells. These professional treatments include alkaline wash, DMK Pro Alpha Six Layer Peel and Prozyme treatments. The condition is then maintained by using the Danné home prescriptives that are designed to inhibit further melanin production. These products are: direct delivery vitamin C serum , Melanotech crème , super bright , and transdermal sunblock .

Q. I was left with a “pregnancy mask” after I had my first child. They said it would go away, but it is still present after 9 months. What options do I have?
A. This passive form of pigmentation has been induced by internal hormonal conditions that can appear in different layers of the skin, and as a result can be difficult to treat. Never the less the condition can be improved.

A technician will recommend the appropriate in-clinic treatments. The program established is dependant upon several key factors which will be discussed during the consultation. These key factors include: age, skin colour, medication, sun exposure etc.

Q. I have developed freckles after taking the contraceptive pill. Why do I still have them after I have discontinued taking them? 

A. The pill causes photosensitivity of the skin and for this reason it is very important for you to wear a SPF30+ sunscreen on a daily basis to protect your skin.
A. The freckles that you can see are your body’s own defense system, designed to protect you from the UV rays. Unfortunately they do not just go away on their own. It is very important that you attain a thorough skin analysis from a qualified DMK Technician who will prescribe the appropriate professional treatment and home care.


Q. I’ve heard that you can have vein cauterization done to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries. I am petrified of needles. Do you have any treatment that is not as invasive that will actually work?
A. Rosacea cannot be cured but it can be controlled. An effective treatment in conjunction with home maintenance products will dramatically reduce the symptoms and signs of Rosacea. Danné treatments and home care products are effective and pain free.

It is important to remember home care and professional treatments work hand-in-hand when treating any skin condition. Not one product or treatment will cure a condition.

The DMK red vein treatment does not work on the same basic principles as your beauty therapy style facials that focus on calming the skin in an attempt to reduce redness. Danné Rosacea treatments gets to the core of the problem and addresses 3esall the contributing factors that cause Rosacea. For a treatment to effectively improve Rosacea it must be able to deal with the skin as a whole system.


Q. I have had three children and have worked very hard to get back in shape. Unfortunately for me I have very bad stretch marks. Can your products help?
A. Stretch marks are scarring on a dermal level. They aren’t superficial and are located deep within the skin tissue. For this reason we cannot remove a stretch mark, though we can treat this type of scarring and definitely improve the appearance and feel of the area, through resurfacing the damaged tissue and rebuilding the skin. Firstly we look at preparing the skin with retosin (vitamin A crème) in conjunction with our direct delivery vitamin c serum. Internal supplementation in the form of essential fatty acids (DMK efa+) will also aid in improving the condition of the skin. The area is then resurfaced using alkaline wash, which dissolves the scar tissue. Enzyme therapy is then performed to help strengthen the tissue and aid in healing and repair of the area. This treatment is performed every four to six weeks. A number of treatments are needed depending on the severity of the stretch marks and tissue repair.

We have found this treatment very effective in minimizing the appearance of stretch marks, firming and smoothing the area. Working to re-damage the tissue and rebuild the area with the best possible repair system for optimal results.

Q. I’ve just had a mole removed from my shoulder, its left me with a very big scar, is there any treatment I can do to revise it?
A. The most effective treatment for scarring begins by removing the scar tissue. This process involves a series of professional treatments using the resurfacing tool, alkaline wash. The area will become smoother, flatter, and less obvious. The rebuilding of new tissue is performed with the DMK enzyme therapy, which is a treatment masque that is placed on the skin after the alkaline wash treatment. The process works to enhance the condition of the skin for optimal healing.

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