Scar Treatment

Rebuilding confidence from the outside, in.

DMK Skin treatments can effectively treat acne scars, surgical scars and laceration scars using DMK Scar Revision techniques.  

Post-acne scars, lacerations and surgical scars can be treated with DMK Enzyme hydrolysation and other combination treatments such as Alkaline solutions, AHAs, mild to moderate skin peels, IPL, laser, dermabrasion and microneedling. Your DMK practitioner will assess the most appropriate treatment for you.

Alkaline and Enzyme Therapy

Scarring appears red in the beginning but over time, healing occurs and white scar tissue forms. To revise scar tissue effectively and have a restorative effect we must remove and rebuild at the same time. We use the Alkaline solution which swells, softens and dissolves the area enough to stimulate the re-knitting mechanisms of the tissue.

Enzyme therapy utilises a specific blend of botanical enzymes that increase the circulatory & lymphatic system. It stimulates cellular enzyme function assisting growth, metabolism, cellular reproduction, Enzyme therapy breaks down cell build up, smooths and refines skin, naturally hydrolysing and turning dead protein into a weak acid & flushing it from the skin. Scarring is treated monthly.

Pro Alpha Six Layer Peel

Is an effective resurfacing and remodelling procedure, for those wanting scar revision. It can also be used to treat age management, hyper pigmentation, fine and deep wrinkles, uneven skin tones, thickened skin, post acne scarring. This formulation removes dead skin cells and stimulates collagen development.

The DMK Pro Alpha Six Layer Peel has a similar effect to laser or medical peels without causing trauma to the skin, long convalescence or possible contraindications. The procedure uses an exclusive blend of Alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, applied systematically in layers, the number of layers and strength are adjusted for your specific desired result.