Facial Hair Removal

Looking for effective facial hair removal?

For many women, unwanted facial hair can be an ongoing challenge and it can even affect their self-esteem. This type of fine, downy hair cannot be removed by other methods of hair removal such as laser therapy because there is no pigment for the laser to target.

DMK Alkaline Wash treatments are specifically designed to remove fine, downy hair on the face and body, with no discomfort. It is a progressive removal treatment so over time, the hair will become weaker and the rate of regrowth will become slower- resulting in semi to permanent hair loss long term.

How does our Alkaline Wash work?

DMK Alkaline Wash works by changing the pH of the skin and dissolving down the hair shaft.

DMK always recommend a skin consultation to discuss your exact requirements so we can provide a bespoke treatment plan for you.

To find your nearest DMK Alkaline Wash Clinic visit our Clinic Locator:  www.dmk-uk.com/clinic-locator