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With the current changes in weather, are you finding that your skin is drying up quicker than normal? Does it feel as though you need a simple boost to get you through the day to prevent that dry, stretching feeling? If so, DMK spritzers work incredibly well when used as part of a personalised skincare plan from your DMK skin practitioner.

DMK Herb & Mineral Mist  contains over 98% cold water soaked herbs, I a polarised solution which refreshes your skin instantly. It also acts as a carrier for DMK products, crèmes and serums, helping to absorb them even deeper into your skin.

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Your skin is unique, so we want to take our time diagnosing your skin condition to  correctly prescribe the right DMK Home Prescriptive products for you.

Whether you’re looking to address ageing, acne, blackheads, scarring or anything else in relation to your skin, you can benefit from a DMK skin consultation.

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