DMK Products & Treatments

Book a DMK skin consultation to discover the potential of DMK skin products & treatments

DMK skin practitioners are skincare experts who will prescribe a results-driven combination of DMK skin treatments and products which are bespoke for you.

DMK Home Prescriptive products are made from botanical ingredients in paramedical formulations. These can only be purchased from DMK skin clinics, following a consultation with a certified DMK skin practitioner.

During your DMK skin consultation, your DMK skin practitioner will analyse your skin and take the time to understand your own skin concerns. This will enable them to gain a sound understanding of your skin condition and what results you would like to achieve. They will prescribe the best course of DMK skin treatments and products to suit you.

Whether you’re looking to address ageing skin, acne, blackheads, scarring or anything else that is causing you concern, you can benefit from a DMK skin consultation.

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