DMK Enzyme Therapy

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The DMK UK concept is all about removing, rebuilding, protecting and maintaining your skin.

DMK Enzyme Therapy is suitable for all skin types and skin conditions.  

DMK Skin Revision techniques are used to tighten, maintain and improve your skin. This is achieved by gentle exfoliation and the removal of impurities from your skin and then by increasing the flow of oxygenated blood through your skin’s capillaries, thus strengthening your skin.

For many years, the beauty industry was focused solely on the idea of surface dead cell removal. However, DMK understand that the solution to improving long-term skin functionality is to focus on any disharmony in the function of the skin and to provide skin treatments that help to restore that balance accordingly.

Now that skin clinics are open again, you can book your DMK skin consultation and find the very best solution to your skin’s needs.

To find your nearest DMK Skin Clinic, simply type your postcode into our online Clinic Locator:  

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