Anti Ageing / Age Management

Fight the signs of ageing with our anti-ageing skin treatments and products

Fine lines and wrinkles may be the signs of a good life well lived, but it can also affect self-confidence. DMK offer a variety of age management treatments to address this skin concern.

Pro Alpha Six Layer Peels & Mild to Moderate Peels

The DMK Pro Alpha Six Layer peel is a fantastic resurfacing procedure which produces real results. It removes dead skin cells and stimulates collagen production.

This treatment achieves similar results to a medical or surgical skin procedures, however DMK Skin treatments are a  much safer and non-invasive option which comes without the risk of trauma to the skin or other complications.

Everyone’s skin is unique, so no two skin DMK treatments are the same. DMK skin treatments are bespoke to suit your skin type and skin condition, allowing you get the best results.