Acne Scar Treatment

Looking for effective acne scar treatment?

Although acne most commonly occurs in teenagers, many people still suffer from it in adulthood too. One study by the Dermal Institute found that at least 40% of adults aged between 40-50 have experienced adult acne.

Not only is acne itself difficult to manage but so is the scarring it leaves behind.

Acne can leave visible scars behind. Many people believe that nothing can be done about this type of scar, but that’s not the case. By choosing DMK acne scar treatment, we can give you a bespoke solution that uses a variety of DMK treatments and products.

DMK skin treatments begin with a complete skin consultation. This enables the practitioner to decide which treatment protocol is best for your skin. By using the right combination of DMK skin products, your practitioner will work to remove dead skin cells, hardened plugs of sebum, destroy P-acne bacteria and flush out any dead keratin and proteins.

DMK Skin practitioners will also prescribe DMK Home Prescriptive products for you to use in between treatments. These are essential in maintaining your skin’s health.

If you’d like to find out more about DMK skin treatments for acne, simply fill out the online contact form and we’ll get right back to you. Alternatively, type your postcode into our online DMK Clinic Locator to find your nearest DMK Skin Clinic.