Medi Pedi treatments using DMK Alkaline Wash

DMK Medi Pedi treatments can remove corns, calluses, verrucas, cracked skin on heels, dead hornified skin anywhere on the feet and legs and much more – all without the use of rasps or blades. Medi Pedi uses DMK’s Alkaline Wash treatment to treat these conditions painlessly.


These feet (above) belong to a lady who had been suffering from cancer. One of the side effects from her medication was very dry skin on her face and body. She had been having treatment from a Chiropodist but never got the results she wanted. The skin dryness would return within in 2-3 days, following each chiropody treatment. The photographs show the results on the day of the Medi Pedi treatment. The lady came back for treatment every 6 weeks and was delighted with the results.


The following photographs (below) show a Gangrenous Verruca. In total we did 5 treatments over a 5 month period. Verrucas are notorious for being stubborn so the results from just 5 treatments are remarkable, considering what the feet were like before the DMK Medi Pedi treatment. The client had been seeing a Podiatrist for 2.5 years without any success.