New DMK Christmas Gift Sets

DMK Zen Christmas Gift Set – Body Beautiful!

DMK Christmas Set


DMK Hydra Louffa – Body Gel & Bath Wash to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Extremely effective in treating eczema, dermatitis and folliculitis. Can either be applied directly to the skin or added to the bath.

DMK Maximum Moisture – Body Nourishing Crème is a deeply penetrating body moisturiser that firms the skin at cellular level. Recommended for use on dehydrated and lipid-dry skin.

FREE Set of 6 Luxury Bath Bombs for an indulgent soak in the bath.


DMK Holiday Hydrate Gift Set!

DMK Chirstmas Set


DMK Hydroloc – Hydrating Crème hydrates and locks moisture into very dry skin, protecting against trans epidermal water loss. The intense rehydrating formula can be used anywhere on the body.

DMK Beta Gel – DMK’s signature formula healing gel. Repairs and protects the immune function of the skin. Effective in treating acne, congestion, ageing and reactive skin.

FREE DMK Herb & Mineral Mist – Polarised Moisture Spray which aids the trans epidermal delivery of DMK skin products. An essential part of the DMK Home Prescriptives regime